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About Hybridizer

Hybridizer was founded by a group of riders with more than ten years of riding experience. Our team consists of experienced Korean engineers and designers who specialize in frame design and motor research and development. Fueled by our passion for riding, we never ceased to evolve and better the products we made and used. Our mission is to offer a smooth, fast, and affordable ride on any trail, mountain, or cityscape.

Fueling the eMTB Revolution

Hybridizer’s mission is to elevate the popularity of eMTBs. We break barriers by crafting high-performance bikes at prices everyone can embrace through a direct-to-consumer model. Join us in spreading the greatness of MTB culture, making it accessible and celebrated by all riders.

Hybridizer Team

Hansol Zheng

  • Founder and Product Director of Hybridizer
  • Specializes in the research and development of bike frames and suspensions
  • A vehicle engineering major from Tsinghua University, with over 10 years of experience as a mountain bike enthusiast
  • Many years of experience in designing electric bike frames, torque sensors, and mid-drive motors

Jaeyoung JUN

  • Partner and Industrial Designer of Hybridizer
  • Graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, with over 20 years of experience as a bike enthusiast
  • Specializeds in designing bike frames and bike-related products
  • Previous honors include Red Dot Design Award and KIDP Good Design Selection


  • Increase the popularity of eMTBs and enable
  • More people to experience the joy of technology
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