Enduro | 350W/95N.m | 48V 860Wh | F:160~180mm R:164 mm

Hybridizer SANN

Enhance your mountain expedition

Hybridizer SANN employs a distinctive high-pivot design in EMTBs. The improved axle trajectory preserves a high level of suspension responsiveness, offering a smoother riding experience. The lightweight 860Wh battery pack with high capacity ensures a sustained and stable power supply throughout your entire day of riding.

eMTB-Tuned High Pivot Suspension

After implementing a high pivot suspension design specifically tailored for e-mountain bikes, Hybridizer SANN maintains a sufficiently strong rear triangle while achieving a shorter chainstay length, a feature unique among other e-MTBs

Axle Path

High pivot design places the rear wheel axle farther back, delivering heightened sensitivity and superior impact absorption compared to conventional designs.

Anti-squat & Pedal-kickback

Hybridizer SANN’s high pivot design delivers efficient pedaling without the usual pedal kickback, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

Interchangeable rear wheel module

Hybridizer SANN’s interchangeable rear wheel module empowers riders to customize between 27.5″ and 29″. Choose 29″ for a balanced mix of speed and stability on rough terrain, or opt for 27.5″ for enhanced flexibility and improved cornering capabilities.

Triple-Position Adjustable BB Height

Elevate your ride with SANN’s adaptable BB height, providing three settings within a 10mm range to suit diverse riding preferences. Whether you prioritize improved stability, balanced performance on varied terrains, or pedal strike protection for mountain cross adventures, a quick flip-chip change transforms one bike into three.

Full of the storage

The storage part of the SANN frame is composed of a tool mount , a bottle cage and a storage case. Meet the needs of long-distance riding and free up your backpack.

Hybridizer SANN Battery pack


The Hybridizer SANN features a carbon fiber battery shell, weighing 500g (1 lb) less than a traditional aluminum alloy shell. Unlike most eMTBs, the battery can be assembled or disassembled by drawing it out from the bottom, ensuring a safe process. This enhances the front-triangle stiffness of the SANN while minimizing overall weight.

2 Charger Options Available

SANN comes with a standard ultra-light 3A charger, weighing only 592 grams for easy portability. Optionally, a Gallium Nitride (GaN) 6A fast charger is available. The 6A high current output enhances charging efficiency, enabling a rapid charge of approximately 80% battery capacity in just 1.5 hours. With quick charging, it heralds the era of fast charging for eMTBs

Fast Charging Specialist

  • GaN 6A Charger (Optional)
  • Weight: 998g
  • Size: 200*93*38mm

Lightweight and compact

  • 3ACharger (Standard)
  • Weight: 592g
  • Size: 172*72*35mm

Bafang M510 Motor

Hybridizer SANN is driven by Bafang M510 motor, which can reach a max torque of 95N.m at a weight of 2.9 kg (6.39 lbs). By incorporating a high-precision torque sensor and a specifically tuned riding logic, it is designed to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Frame Grometry

Hybridizer SANN

More adventures,  more fun

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