Full-carbon e-Gravel | 250W/75N.m | 48V 860Wh | Spacing F:100×12 R:148×12

Hybridizer Rando

The versatile Full-carbon e-Gravel Bike

This exceptionally long-range yet agile superstar is ready to carry all the gear you need for an epic adventure. It even comes with Rando's exclusive carbon fiber rear rack. You're the hero of your journey.

Category 3e+ rated riding companion

Classified as a Category 3e+ gravel bike and equipped to mount tires up to 700x50C (29″x2.0), the Rando stands out as the ultimate partner for conquering gravel roads. Transforming rough terrains and challenging climbs into enjoyable experiences, the Rando delivers ample power and remarkable stability, allowing you to leave physical limitations behind and fully immerse yourself in the joy of riding!

The optimal handling characteristics for e-Gravel bikes

With a more reclined head angle, a shortened stem, and an extended reach, the agile steering characteristics have been enhanced, increasing handle stability during off-road riding. This provides robust steering attributes, reducing rider fatigue when carrying a heavy load during long-distance touring. Additionally, when tackling technical terrain or courses, it offers responsive handling along with a characteristic of sharp turning, akin to the carving turn of skiing.

The Ideal Partner for Extended Adventure Rides

To offer potential users more dependable information, the Hybridizer team conducted a series of tests to determine the Rando’s range on a single charge. Unlike laboratory settings, these tests took place in real-world conditions, reflecting the bike’s performance in the field. The Hybridizer team specifically gathered data in areas demanding high output modes, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation rather than focusing solely on low power assist modes that might artificially inflate the range.

Ample Load Space

The Hybridizer “Rando” is a no-frills bike, embodying the fundamental qualities of an adventure bike. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity—it excels in cargo capacity. Strategically placed rivet holes adorn the frame and fork, purposefully crafted to bear weight and facilitate effortless attachment of various bags, water bottle cages, fenders, and other essential gear.

Mountor: The Exclusive Full Carbon Fiber Rear Rack

Here’s an exclusive item reserved solely for Hybridizer Rando owners – Mountor, the full carbon fiber rear rack. With the capacity to carry up to 10 kilograms of luggage, this extraordinary ultra-light rear rack is an essential addition to any authentic gravel bike.

*Available for selective purchase

Heavy Duty Adventure Fork

If you’ve ever conquered a towering mountain, navigating a high-speed, long, technical descent, you come to realize that your safety depends on nothing more than a fork steerer tube with a mere 1-inch diameter.

Rando has crafted a carbon fiber fork incorporating ‘Extra Inner Butted Layup Technology’ to handle any scenario. This fork alleviates concerns in nerve-wracking situations, instilling confidence in Rando to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

Hybridizer "Rando" Battery Packs

Lighter, farther

The latest upgraded, ultra-large capacity battery pack from Hybridizer. The Rando comes equipped with an industry-leading 860Wh ultra-large capacity battery pack, making it the ultimate companion for long-distance rides.

2 Charger Options Available

Rando comes with a standard ultra-light 3A charger, weighing only 592 grams for easy portability. Optionally, a Gallium Nitride (GaN) 6A fast charger is available. The 6A high current output enhances charging efficiency, enabling a rapid charge of approximately 80% battery capacity in just 1.5 hours. With quick charging, it heralds the era of fast charging for eBIKEs

Fast Charging Specialist

  • GaN 6A Charger (Optional)
  • Weight: 998g
  • Size: 200*93*38mm

Lightweight and compact

  • 3ACharger (Standard)
  • Weight: 592g
  • Size: 172*72*35mm

Bafang M820 motor

Hybridizer Rando is driven by Bafang M820 motor, which can reach a max torque of 75N.m at a weight of 2.3 kg. By incorporating a high-precision torque sensor and a specifically tuned riding logic, it is designed to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Frame Grometry

Hybridizer Rando

More adventure,  more fun

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